Let first understand what is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is an acronym for Active Server Pages. NET and was developed by Microsoft. It is used to create Web pages, dynamic Web sites and rich Web applications using compiled languages like C # (i.e. C Sharp) and Visual Basic. It’s also includes SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and CLR (Common Language Run-time). It is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers.

A larger number of Corporate, SME organizations are using ASP.NET for their web application development services across globe because of the robust security features presented by this technology.

ASP.NET provides some major advantages compared with other models of web application development:


  • It is language independent and thus helps developer to choose the suitable programming language for the web application. The new .NET Framework and CLR provides seamless interface with other programming languages, such as Visual Basic.NET and C#.

  • It provides developer with an integrated development environment also known as rapid application development tool i.e. Visual Studio.

  • ASP.NET has the incredible feature of reducing the overall lines of code which are required to develop large applications.

  • ASP.NET supports built-in Windows authentication and application settings to keep the applications secured.

  • ASP.Net code can be easily deployed on the server and there is no need to register the component on the server, since it consists of built-in configuration info / data.

  • The Client Side HTML Code & Server Side ASP code merges well with each other to create dynamic web pages.

  • It is also an ideal server-side scripting language since the code runs on Windows server before displaying it on the web browser.

  • The ASP.NET boasts of early binding, caching services, along with native optimization for high-quality performance and execution.

  • The most exciting feature of ASP.NET is that it can be cross-linked effortlessly with a variety of other technology frameworks such as C, C++, C#, JAVA and a lot more.

The ASP.Net Visual Studio development IDE is equipped with built-in debugging functions and it also incorporates IntelliSense, an auto-completion feature that eliminates the need for developers to memorize methods and variables.

The ASP.NET is the next generation version of Microsoft’s ASP used to create enterprise-class web sites & web applications. Whether you are building a small business web site or a large corporate web application distributed across multiple networks, ASP.NET will provide you all the features you could possibly need…and at an affordable cost.

Thus ASP.NET has numerous concrete reasons to be thought as an outstanding web development framework and is currently in use by many leading business sectors across the globe.

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How to improve the performance of your website.


Optimize images

Optimize image will boost the performance of your web page and reduce the load time of the page

The image created using the Image editor such as Photoshop or illustrator looks marvelous but is often very large in size. So if you use these images on the web it will slow down your web page. You should avoid using big size pictures. It unnecessarily delays the page upload process. You can use the graphics but it need to be optimized for the web. Use only .gif and .jpg formats. If the pictures size is large try using some on-line graphic optimizing tools. They help in reducing the picture size by almost half the size with no visible decrease in picture quality.
Use thumbnails (clickable miniature versions of a picture), If a user is interested in the picture, he can click on the thumbnail and wait until the full size picture is displayed.

Minify CSS

Minify CSS refers to removing unnecessary  character, extra spaces, line breaks, tab, and indentation from the code in order to reduce it size and improves the load time.You can use the tool cssmin.js  | YUI Compressor or refer the website http://cssminifier.com/  to minify the CSS online.

Minify JavaScript

Compacting JavaScript code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.In the case of JavaScript, this improves response time performance because the size of the downloaded file is reduced. Two popular tools for minifying JavaScript code are  Closure CompilerJSMin and YUI Compressor.
It is recommend minifying any JS files that are 4096 bytes or larger in size. In addition to minifying external scripts and styles, inlined <script> and <style> blocks can and should also be minified.

Enable Gzip compression

Gzip is a software application used for file compression and decompression Gzip detects similar strings within a text file and replaces those strings temporarily to make the overall file size smaller. It is more effective on web since CSS & HTML files use good amount of repeated text and have lot of whitespaces. It Compress  webpages and style sheets, common strings  before sending them over to the browser , which help in reduce page size & style sheets by up to 70%

Gzip need to be enabled on the webserver. The browser sent the request to the webserver which in turn check if the server has gzip enabled.  If it’s enabled it receives the Gzip file which is considerably smaller in size & if it isn’t, it receives the uncompressed version of the web page which is much larger in size.